S2EI Group

SETEL develops solutions and services in order to improve and optimise manufacturing tools for its customers.

Over the last 20 years, the companies of the S2EI group, based in Angoulême, Cognac and Bordeaux, have become major regional players in the sectors of industrial electricity, automation and industrial computing, maintenance, test benches and measurement equipment, and, through their subsidiary Enerlice, an expert company in renewable energy.

SETEL achieves a consolidated turnover of 2.5 M€ with a team of 25 experienced technicians and engineers and offers 20 years of experience in the management of industrial projects, with regional, national and international references in 20 countries.

20 October 2016

Maintenance on the Eiffel tower wind turbines

Since 2015, in collaboration with UGE V-AIR, BATEG and the Eiffel Tower company, ENERLICE is responsible for the maintenance of the 2 VisionAir5, installed on the […]
15 March 2016

Calibration of Cognac Tank level for Martell

Martell entrusts to SETEL Cognac the calibration, adjustment and control of the levels of its cognac storage tanks
5 December 2015

Car shaping machine for Alstom

In partnership with Latécoère services, SETEL Angoulême carries out electrical wiring and automation for a car shaping machine for the client Alstom La Rochelle.

customer satisfaction

SETEL shows its commitment to the quality of its customer service through 4 main criteria: delivery, staff experience, deadlines and cost.


SETEL is committed to promote electrical engineering and technical careers by recruiting and training young people through apprenticeship : Baccalaureate, BTS, engineers. By combining these talents with experienced employees, together we will contribute to our growth with challenging projects.


SETEL is certified UIC MASE


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